If your pet has bitten anyone within the last 10 days we ask that you notify us. Certain testing will need to be performed to be within state compliance for rabies monitoring.

Please notify us if your pet is aggressive, bites or is protective. We are very experienced in handling animals in all different stages of anxiety, pain, and fear. Notifying us ahead of time allows us to make changes to our protocol to keep your pet, ourselves and you safe and comfortable.

Occasionally for highly agitated pets we may need to ask you to place a muzzle on your pet briefly for the sedative injection. This is for their safety and ours. This will not need to be in place for longer than a few seconds. . Once the injection is given it can be removed for the remainder of the visit.

If your pet is critically ill a variation to the procedures may need to be made. Many times pets that are very ill are severely dehydrated and have very low blood pressure. This can make IV catheter placement difficult. Any variations to the above protocol will be discussed and explained in person by the doctor.