Once the paperwork, payment and any questions have been answered we will move forward with the visit. Your pet will receive an injection of a heavy sedative and pain medication. This injection is typically given as an injection under the skin (similar to a vaccine). This injection can be given at any location in the house (in their favorite bed, on a couch, etc). The medications typically take 3-15 minutes to take effect depending on the pet. During this time we encourage you to hold them and talk to them as you feel comfortable. A second injection of an anesthesia agent will be given. It will be given under the skin similar to the last injection. Your pet will be resting comfortably and will be unaware of this injection. This injection will cause your pet to fall completely asleep. Typically this injection takes about 2-5 minutes to take effect. At this point in the visit your pet will be unaware of what is going on around them and will be completely unconscious.